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- February 4 -

Germania - koneko-sakura

Germania - koneko-sakura

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morefunbeingthecorpse asked: What is your advice and suggestions for someone in an Ask-a-Nation panel, where not only do you need to speak in front of many people, but also act in character and be able to answer questions about the country's life and history? :)

Read history books.

No, seriously, read history books. Look into key events, look into key people, look into modern things as well, not just historical. DO RESEARCH AND DON’T BE LAZY OR OFFENSIVE TO PEOPLE OF THAT CULTURE.

As for acting, if you get nervous, a theater trick is to squeeze your thumb and forefinger together as tightly as you need to release tension—this is an inconspicuous move, unnoticeable to the audience. For being in character, don’t, for the love of god, behave like an idiot, because you will end up on Youtube and you will be sorry a few years from now. If you’re cosplaying France, it might seem like a great idea at the time to give say, Spain, a lapdance


This isn’t a good idea.

Think of these characters as having lived hundreds of years—they wouldn’t behave like uncontrollable idiots with unsatisfied sexual desires.

Be mindful that young children could be in the audience, and be mindful of personal space.

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Anonymous asked: Hello! I'm doing a Teutonic Knight cosplay and I'm finished with almost everything but the under shirt. I'm wearing his tunic-thing with open sides and arm braces that almost completely cover my forearm sans a few cm around the lacing. Would it be best to wear a tight under shirt or a airier one and should one bother with (textil based) chainmail? Thank you for taking your time.

We suggest wearing a tight black long sleeve shirt. If you want to go the chainmail route, you can look into how Monty Python made their chainmail in Monty Python and the Holy Grail out of knitting fabrics.


- January 27 -

lets-start-at-the-end asked: I really want to cosplay Canada, but I'm Mexican so I have dark skin color and I'm terrified I would look stupid because of it. This would be my first time cosplaying.

it doesn’t matter! :) Just as long as you as you put effort in to your cosplay and you have fun!

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